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PAPERBACK - Mick McMuddle - with Kangadoodle Doo & Skippy

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Mick McMuddle is known for muddling his words. He lives in McMuddle Mansion with his mother (Mother McMuddle) and two pet kangadoodles - Kangadoodle Doo and Skippy. Free Postage within the UK. (eBook copies also available)

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Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Great fun

My daughter chooses this book almost every night.

Mandy S.

4 months ago

Kids Favourite

The kids voted it their no.1 favourite book out of the many we have bought for them. And they want to know when the next Mick McMuddle book will be out.

Ken B.

8 months ago

Kids loved it

Was looking for something a bit different and this tickled my fancy. I enjoyed it almost as much as the kids. And because some of the words Mick speaks are back to front or jumbled the kids quickly jump in to correct his words. So it's also a bit educational and they love it.