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Mick McMuddle

Mick McMuddle is known for muddling his words. He lives in McMuddle Mansion with his mother (Mother McMuddle) and two pet dogs - Skippy and Doo. Skippy and Doo are kangadoodles - a cross between a kangaroo and a labradoodle. Kangadoodle Doo spends most of his time sunbathing while Skippy keeps an eye on Mick.

In this edition Mick wants to “fight the liar” (light the fire); “bide his ricicle” in the park to avoid “hot poles” in the street; eat “chish and fips” (with “fips” made from potatoes from the potato tree in the garden); and avoid eating “poodles” for dinner at all cost.

ISBN 978-1-5272-5908-9

PAPERBACK - Mick McMuddle - with Kangadoodle Doo & Skippy


eBOOK - Mick McMuddle - with Kangadoodle Doo & Skippy